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Monaco Electrical Services Newtown

With over 25 years of experience, our team at Monaco Electrical services provides the highest quality electrical services Newtown can offer. Our team of experts can deliver services for commercial, government, defence, industrial and domestic markets. Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction, making us the most trusted local Newtown electrician.

At Monaco Electrical Services, we invest time into the training and development of our teams to ensure they can deliver next-level service to each of our customers. Our services are in complete compliance and are delivered to the highest of standards. We provide honesty and integrity in our work and take pride in our reputation as we ensure that the safety of our customers and employees always comes first.

As your friendly local Newtown electrician, we understand how important what we do is to your work and lifestyle. We constantly aim to ensure on time delivery of services, with an unmatched value. This is what makes us the highest quality electrical services Newtown can offer.

We offer a wide range of skills that you may require, whether you need an electrician for indoor, outdoor, commercial, or domestic purposes. We are not deterred by any challenge and have a great passion for solving problems.

Our services: why we are the best electrical services Newtown has to offer

At Monaco Electrical Services, we are fully certified by the National Electrical and Communications Association. Our suite of services includes, but are not limited to: all electrical installations, reactive and preventative maintenance, residential, commercial and strata maintenance.

Our aim is to create a trusting and respectful team environment, while always seeking to support the development of those embarking on a career in the electrical trade. We take pride in being able to provide opportunities to apprentices in becoming highly skilled tradespeople.

At Monaco Electrical Services, our work that we provide is insured and guaranteed. As the most reliable Newtown electrician our technical know how and many years of experience means that we can provide innovative solutions. We will also offer a free consultation and help with any questions you may ask.

Contact Monaco Electrical Services on 1300 092 853 to talk to an expert and discuss the best local Newtown electrician services exclusively suited for you.

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